We fight against endless and useless creation sessions, against time lost in gathering too many people, against the money wasted in long and ineffective processes.

Discover an original approach and an efficient digital tool to generate ideas as a team.

Access to online and ready-to-use templates that tackle key business challenges.

Use a simple and playful creative process with your team.

Save time by avoiding long creative sessions. Our approach generates ideas faster.

Focus your energy on the outcome of the ideas provided to make decisions and move forward on your projects.

Stimulate your imagination
with a unique method.

We need imagination to design what is essential.
Participants will enter in a unique narrative universe that will stimulate their imaginations and help them to generate ideas in a new way.

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Wherever you want !
Whenever you want!

You no longer have boundaries. Generate ideas when you want and with the people you want. Whatever their location may be.

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Reinventing creative processes with us.

We are in a development phase.

We are currently testing two scenarios. One to strengthen the identity of your brand, project, product or service. The other to explore new possibility with your company.

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By testing our beta version, We guarantee you a dynamic and strategic support. The confidentiality of all your data is guaranteed.

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Define a goal and an audience that can help you grow your business.

BrainMove with your team

We provide a link that will allow you to collect all of your team's ideas. We also encourage you to collect external points of view with the people of your choice.

Receive a report of the full results

We provide you a report with the keys to understanding the collected answers that will allow you to move forward with your project.

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